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The Falcon ATC 2000 hockey shaft has been manufactured from the latest aerospace technology --  Advanced Thermoplastic Composites.  The  Advanced Thermoplastic Composites provides for unmatched toughness and durability, making it ideal for contact sports like hockey.

To compare Advanced Thermoplastic Composites with the conventional thermoset composites used by all other hockey shafts,  would be like comparing the graphite from your pencil shaft with a diamond.  Advanced Thermoplastic Composites differs through its physical characteristics.  Formed at twice the temperature of conventional composites, Advanced Thermoplastic Composites have a higher damage tolerance.  Advanced Thermoplastic Composites are 100% tougher than conventional thermoset composites and 600% more resistant to cracks and invisible damage.

Falcon also designed this shaft with the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, to simulate the stresses that a hockey shaft undergoes during play.  This allows each fiber to be optimally placed in alignment for each stress  placed on the stick.

Resin -- Nylon (a semi-crystalline polymer)   Fiber  -- Aerospace grade carbon

Benefits over other hockey shafts
-- Unparalleled feel (less resin)
-- Lighter
-- More resistant to cracking and breaking
-- Dampening characteristics,  less vibration
-- More flex consistency
-- Capable of manufacturing less flex sticks w/o breakage
-- Higher strength to weight ratio than all other composites sticks

-- This material is being used in high end mountain bikes, tennis rackets, and lacrosse sticks.
-- This is the same material used on the new Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF).

There are no ifs, ands, or buts.  This shaft out performs all the other thermoset hockey shafts on the market.  If you are not sure what your shaft is: e-mail us

  Falcon Composite Aluminum and Aluminum Sticks

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The new FALCON PRO 9000 hockey shaft has excellent feel for the pro type player. This pro approved aluminum shaft is fabricated from an unique drawing process utilizing a propriety 7000 series aluminum called TITANAL. Shafts available in anodized black.
This KEVLAR/ALUMINUM shafts provides the high performance consistent feel and powerful shot features for the individual that desires a less stiff shaft than the STEALTH. This uses the same composite and aluminum technology that was pioneered by Falcon 11 years ago. The only one like it on the market.
The STEALTH is made of a high modulus graphite plaine weave bonded to an aluminum shaft. The graphite is a military grade with an aerospace resin system developed by Falcon Composites. The manufacturing processes are all military specified. The "stud" shaft is for the truly strong players. This technology of bonding graphite and aluminum, keep the aluminum from fatiguing.


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